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On May 30, 2023, with the "category breakthrough· AI Breakthrough" as the theme, LKK Innovation Design Group 2023 Imagination Conference was held in Shanghai as scheduled.

At this conference, Jia Wei, chairman of LKK Innovation Design Group, reviewed the entrepreneurial path and the iterative rebirth of LKK with his own experience, Li Fancong, CEO of LKK Consulting, shared LKK's 19-year breakthrough road, while Huang Yishu, general manager of LKK Food and Beverage Business Group, Zhang Jindong, partner of LKK New Energy Business Group, and Chen Chen, general manager of LKK Medical and Health Business Group, also brought vertical industry strategy releases. Wei Jiang, as the co-founder & CEO of LKKer Design, shared the exploration and achievements of digital platform construction at the conference, Li Yichao, President of LKK Innovation Design Group, discussed the new momentum of AI technology on product innovation with practical cases, and Miao Zang, founder and CEO of Jellyfish Intelligence, brought new insights in the field of AIGC and officially released the Tentacle AI Professional Edition.

The event also invited Dr. Chen Weiru, professor of China Europe Business School and former chief strategic consultant of Alibaba Group Cainiao Network, Shi Kun, vice president of Fosun, Xu Daoju, founder of Baozi Intelligence, Chen Yanqin, senior director of Xtep children's shoe products, and hundreds of experts, entrepreneurs and media from all over the country gathered together to discuss ways to break the situation in the era of digital intelligence.

Category breakthrough· AI breakthrough, in the traction of imagination, in the iteration of industries and categories, AIGC strides into the field of digital content production, imagination is infinitely amplified, the wind is rising, and the breakthrough is imminent. Taking the Rococo business as the fulcrum, the guests presented the changes of the entire market in a frame by frame through the extension of "three waves superposition", shared the empowerment of design and imagination for the entire enterprise, and discussed future industry insights and trends.

"Three Waves Superimposed, Metaverse"

Jia Wei, Chairman of LKK Rococo Innovation Design Group

Jia Wei, chairman of LKK Innovation Design Group, reviewed the entrepreneurial story of 19 years, from a hard-working white designer, to an entrepreneur who is not discouraged, and then to an entrepreneur who creates a blockbuster. With its own chapters back to life, it presents the iteration and development of LKK. In the face of the fire burning all achievements to ashes, Jia Wei was inspired by his paintings, transforming them into new expectations for the future, using the meta-universe world as a levering point to create a new IP - like flowers in the wild, that is, LKK is free in the intelligent future and digital world.


"LKK Nineteen Years, Category Breakthrough Road"

LKK Consulting CEO Li Fancong

Li Fancong, CEO of LKK Consulting, discussed the methodological rules of category breakthrough through LKK's 19 years of design consulting experience. From design to consulting, from products to brands, years of design innovation accumulation, and thousands of explosive products, the path of success has begun to follow.

Li Fancong said that the road to innovation is not smooth, but enterprises are not alone, and Rococo consulting team provides all-round companionship services to continue to empower enterprises.

Vertical industry innovation trends and strategy releases

In the era of big products, every category has the opportunity to do it all over again. One centimeter wide and one kilometer deep has never just been said, only by deeply cultivating the industry, enterprises can achieve true professionalism and pioneering.

At the conference, three guests from LKK Design Consulting, who have rich experience in innovation consulting and design in vertical industries, brought innovation trends and strategic releases in the food and beverage, medical and health and new energy industries.

Huang Yishu, General Manager of LKK Food and Beverage Business Group"Brand out of the circle, packaging first" theme sharing

Huang Yishu, General Manager of LKK Food and Beverage Business Group, showed us in detail the creation process and design concept of Haidilao self-heating hot pot, Sanquan bubble cold noodles and other products, and presented us with the design and dismantling of popular products from a unique user perspective.

Zhang Jindong, partner of LKK New Energy Business Group"Powering Up China's New Energy Innovation" theme sharing

In recent years, the development speed of new energy vehicles is also obvious to all, in just a few years, new energy vehicles have become one of the world's leading industries in China, how to kill the encirclement in the energy storage and charging industry, and make an industrial line more suitable for the market? Zhang Jindong, partner of LKK New Energy Business Group, also brought sharing.

As a trillion-dollar industry that has soared in recent years, the prosperity of medical care is a reflection of people's livelihood and health, and it is also a new breakthrough in the domestic market and technology.


At the medical release site, we were honored to invite Chen Tao, chairman of Dongqiao Medical Technology Co., Ltd., Li Datao, founder of, and other guests to jointly help the release of vertical medical strategy. Chen Chen, General Manager of LKK Medical and Health Business Group, also brought wonderful content of vertical medicine at the scene.

Together with global designers,Creating exciting products"

Weijang, co-founder and CEO of LKKer Design

Today, more and more companies are realizing the importance of being fully digital and online. Born from the Rococo platform, at the beginning of the wave of digitalization, it has been laid out in advance to catch up with the fast lane of digitalization. As the co-founder and CEO of LKKer Design, Wei Jiang reviewed the growth of his and the LKKer team. Since its establishment in 2016, LKKer has collaborated with global designers to empower customers with global resources and advanced productivity; At the same time, it goes deep into the industry to provide strong innovation support for regional industrial upgrading.


AI Design, More Than Productivity

Li Yichao, President of LKK Innovation Design Group

In the face of a rapidly changing market, how to improve efficiency and reduce costs for enterprises through AI technology? Li Yichao, President of LKK Innovation Design Group, shared how new technologies can be co-created in a real business environment with practical cases focusing on the new momentum of AI technology to product innovation, and combining global data and human knowledge experience to empower it. Taking the design and construction of the world's first digital optical headset "GPODS" as an example, it shares how Chinese local enterprises can create better products for a broader global market through new technologies and creative methods.


"AI Breaks the Game, Build an Open Creation Ecology"

Miao Zang, founder and CEO of Jellyfish Intelligence


The development trend of intelligence is subverting traditional industries, how should enterprises and designers use AIGC technology to achieve industrial transformation with leverage? As a pioneer of LKK Innovation Design Group in the field of intelligent design, Miao Zang, founder and CEO of Jellyfish Intelligence, shared the new trend of the AIGC era and the exploration process of applying AIGC technology to various professional fields such as design/ACG, and officially released the Tentacle AI Professional Edition for public beta in early June.

Tentacle AI Professional Edition supports model uploading, training, and invoking, creating a shared and open creation ecology that empowers AI model trainers, creators, and enthusiasts in a more comprehensive and professional way. And it provides generative tools and several magical plug-in capabilities. Miao Zhang, co-founder of Jellyfish Intelligence Zhou Zhipeng and representatives of platform creators jointly launched a creator recruitment program, inviting AI creators and AI model trainers in various fields to join and embrace the new era of AIGC 2.0 creation.

Tentacle AI Creation Platform Dan masters, creators, etc. jointly participated in the release

Under the fierce collision of ideas and unlimited imagination of the future, the 2023 LKK Imagination Conference came to a successful end. However, we believe that the soul of continuous exploration, continuous innovation and imagination will always keep moving forward. It is hoped that this conference can provide continuous evolution power for innovators in various fields, and go steadily and far in the wind of technological change. Rococo, Loco, and Jellyfish look forward to walking with you all the way to create a better world with the power of design.



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