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Storion Energy Smile 5

Storion Energy, as a brand of green energy storage power that mainly focuses on the European and American markets, is an green energy storage device that arises when the market faces the high electricity prices.

In the investigation of different household scenarios, LKK has designed module storage systems with different capacities. Users can choose capacity modules according to their own household power consumption. Like stacking Tetris, it is extremely convenient to disassemble, assemble or expand battery modules, reduce the labor cost of transportation and disassembly, and greatly improve work efficiency.

At the same time, Storion Energy S5 series can not only rely on solar energy storage to supply household needs during the day, but also sell inexhaustible electricity to the local power grid for money. 

While ensuring green and environmental protection, it can reduce the burden of power costs. This series of operations can be remotely dispatched using app for network monitoring and management.

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YOSHOPO Portable Power Station

Similarly, as an energy storage power source that can be charged by relying on solar energy and wind energy, LKK has created a portable power station for YOSHOPO, which divides the control system and the battery pack into two groups of devices. When encountering large-scale charging devices and portable power supplies with insufficient power, users do not need to replace the entire mobile power supply device, but simply unplug the right connector and replace the bottom battery pack, The battery life can be continued.

This not only avoids the problem of energy waste and unnecessary expenses caused by repeated purchase of control system hardware (such as indicators, inverters, etc.) when you want to increase the power supply capacity, but also greatly saves the occupation of space and makes the power supply more convenient to carry.

In addition, when LKK designed the appearance of the YOSHOPO portable charging station, it created visual highlights with minimalist aesthetics. While long handles in different colors became its unique brand language, they also made it easier to disassemble and move the control system and battery packs.

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Market Research

NPI Planning (Product Definition)

Product Design (Industrial Design)

Winter Olympics 2022 Mobile Hydrogenation Station

LKK provided design assistance in the hydrogenation project for our client - National Energy Group for the winter Olympics 2022. Due to NDA obligation, we are not allowed to disclose more information. If you are interested in mobile station design project, please contact us.

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Product Design (Industrial Design)

Mechanical Design

VI Design

Shawllar Portable Solar Power Bag

In terms of mechanical design and industrial design, LKK and Shawllar jointly created the "Explorer" series of portable solar power bag. Instead of the traditional mechanical appearance of solar charging panels, which makes people think of "tools" such as pliers and spanners, LKK use the bag shape of more emotional products to blend in. After adding elements such as handles and storage bags, they break through their original rigid image and make the products break through the original property boundary, Enter the scientific and technological intelligent daily necessities.

In addition, in the product design (industrial design), LKK R & D team adopted the folding method, so that the "Explorer" solar charging panel is only 2cm thick after being stored, and the total weight does not exceed 3kg. The solid and durable flat design can be inserted into the edge seam of the vehicle, which is convenient for storage and carrying out.

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Market Research

User Experience

Industrial Design

Chocolate Combined Mobile Power

Just like its name - Chocolate, it supplies energy for users, and users can freely choose the amount according to their charging needs. This breakthrough innovation is convenient for users to use and store.

In order to ensure the perfect realization of the "combined" product structure and meet the requirements of the safety standards of three series batteries, LKK supply chain team has gone through various processes such as mold stretching, polishing, sandblasting, anodizing and so on to realized the product design.

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NPI Planning (Product Definition)

Industrial Design

Mechanical Design

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