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The German Design Award - iF Design Award has also announced the winners of 2022. LKK Design gathered creators' imagination and innovative design power, won 7 medals, and once again won the recognition of the international industrial design community with its strength.

A total of 10,766 products have been declared for this year's iF Design Award, and 5,426 products have been shortlisted for the finals. In the final competition, 132 well-known design experts from more than 20 countries spent three days evaluating, discussing, and scoring each product. The evaluation dimensions covered design inspiration, aesthetic concept, practicality, innovation, and application effect, totally five aspects.

Now, let's take a look at the products that LKK Design has been awarded.

Histone Hk960 Allinone Cashier Machine Series

The skyline arc back panel on the back of the HISTONE HK960 cash register all-in-one series hides the mainboard, the arc of the arc printer panel and bracket echoes the distance, and the straight line of the screen frame and the arc of the skyline complement each other. The delicate beauty of the shell that is anodized aluminum together creates an oriental aesthetic that combines rigidity and softness.

A more reasonable human-computer interaction experience is also the design focus of this product. In order to meet the operating needs of more users, the HISTONE HK960 screen can be rotated and folded at a large angle. The intensive hardware design integrates the screen, payment camera, card reader, printer, and other functional accessories, making the operation more convenient for users. In addition, the product optimizes the use process under mobile payment, reduces transaction steps, and makes the transaction process more convenient.

HISTONE HK960 is striving to avoid wasting resources and environmental protection in design and manufacturing. It is designed to use a large number of general structures. It can easily expand more product portfolios by adding small accessories and changing local processing methods. Expand the product range to save more materials and resources. The product adopts aluminum alloy material with less pollution and a higher recycling rate during processing. As an industry leader, the company adheres to the concept of environmental protection with its own choices and actions. The brand will take advantage of its own channels to bring the concept of better quality, higher quality, better products, and more environmental protection to more partners.

A8 Smart Lock

A8 smart door lock is a fully automatic smart visual door lock featuring ultimate security and convenience. It supports face, fingerprint, password, temporary password, key, proximity card, mobile phone Bluetooth, and combination unlocking methods. Model structured light design, the intelligent AI face recognition system greatly improves the sensitivity of face recognition and anti-counterfeiting security, making it easier and safer to unlock and enter the door; the deeply customized fingerprint module makes the door opening experience smooth and not stuck. At the same time, it also has special functions such as the electronic doorbell, electronic cat's eye, real-time video intercom, high-definition screen display, etc., which can realize security prevention such as stay detection, door lock abnormal state snapshot alarm, and video doorbell. It not only provides users with a private and intelligent sense of use but also conveys the safe use concept carried by the product itself.

The A8 smart door lock highlights the product features and emphasizes the user experience. The slender handle frees up more open space between the door frame and the door lock, solves the problem of hand clamping when closing the door, and makes the product more harmonious with people and the environment.

DONNER Rising-G Carbon Fiber Guitar

In today's modernization, excessive felling and commercial use of trees are environmental issues of common concern around the world, and people are paying more and more attention to environmental protection issues. DONNER Rising-G carbon fiber guitar combines traditional musical instruments with technology, using carbon fiber as a material, which is greener, lower carbon, and more environmentally friendly.

The DONNER Rising-G carbon fiber guitar has functions such as vibration, reverberation, chorus, delay, etc., allowing players to freely and flexibly create according to their own needs and enjoy the endless fun brought by music. And the product stability, rigidity and toughness are super strong, without the support of traditional sound beam structure. DONNER Rising-G carbon fiber guitar is not easy to wear and deform, and the sound quality is stable and consistent when leaving the factory, which makes the product widely concerned and sought after in the international market.

Ai-Tenitas Bounty Hunter Tattoo pen

THE BOUNTY HUNTER is the world's first tattoo kit with a color monitor and its own smart management system. The pen carries the first AMOLED round color monitor, three-way rocker voltage regulation, and suspended ring breathing light, solving the problems of traditional machines, such as indirect feedback and slack operation. The pen tip is made of an ultralight carbon fiber composite material, which is lightweight and durable. The kit adds a pedal plate to accommodate users' work habits for more efficiency. It provides tattoo artists with more comfortable, intuitive, and efficient operation and customer management. The industry can now leap from industrial to intelligent.

HALOS Gene data information analysis platform

HALOS is an innovative gene data information analysis platform, which can be deployed and operated in the hospital. There is an urgent need for this compact, collective, automated data management platform. Made of black semi-transparent acrylic, the top cover can be opened for inspection, and the operation of the internal equipment can be seen. Equipped with detachable screen support, the top device provides the user with a comfortable viewing height when combined with different chassis modules.

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