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On May 30, 2023, the 5th Imagination Conference, jointly organized by LKK Design Group, with the theme of "Category Breakthrough AI Breakthrough", was successfully held in Shanghai. From depictions of symbols to oracle bones, from farming to modernity, from obscurantism to civilization, mankind has never stopped moving forward. As an innovative design enterprise that has established China's leading digital design platform and has 4W+ platform designer resources, when most people are still thinking about what AI can bring us, and panic about the industry substitution that its exponential iteration speed may bring, LKK has deeply laid out the field of AI design, entered the 2.0 era, and explored and designed new business value and realized commercial application through AI. At this conference, Li Yichao, President of LKK Innovation Design Group, told everyone the story of "45 days" between LKK and AI design.

AI layout Commercialization is the true value of technology

In the past few years, LKK Design has focused on the construction of digital platforms and has been well recognized by the industry and customers.

In March 2023, ChatGPT 4.0 and Midjourney V5 were released one after another, which means that a new era of AI technology has arrived. In April of the same year, LKK started the era of AI-driven intelligent design commercialization 2.0.

Li Yichao said, "The core of our AI design is not to chase a certain technology or a certain outlet, technology can be learned, but there is one thing we must abide by, we must make it commercially available, but commercial use will really drive the technology to the right path, which is the research we have been adhering to at the data and AI level."

 AI Standing Beyond the Past and Achieving the Future

Under the torrent of development of the times, AI is changing the development of the design industry while providing convenience. Regarding how to apply AI tools to turn imagination into productivity in the business environment and better empower customers, Li Yichao shared two real business cases that have occurred in the 45 days of LKK's embrace of AI:

The AI explosive product R&D center of the LKK Design cooperated with the "Institute of Extreme Environmental Nutrition and Protection" of Harbin Institute of Technology to create a domestic beauty brand "Xiuyanshe" with cutting-edge biotechnology formulas as the breakthrough point.

The institute is a scientific research institution specializing in skin management and maintenance in various extreme environments such as plateaus, glaciers, soldiers and soldiers in extremely hot weather, astronauts returning from spacecraft, etc. In the past, it was only military, but today they open up the technology and build a civilian brand with LKK Design. After more than a year of product research and development, channel preparation and other work, when the product launch was imminent, because it was difficult to restore the extraction environment of cutting-edge scientific and technological raw materials in realistic shooting, the cost of direct shooting in extreme environments such as plateau and glaciers was too high, resulting in the final picture effect being unsatisfactory. The team had to experiment with AI design, and the AI perfectly expressed the "tough beauty" that the team wanted to present with a dream snow room, and a beam of light expressed the power of cutting-edge technology. This kind of romantic, direct telling is defined by young users as "unforgettable".


Coincidentally, recently LKK Design received an urgent need from a foreign trade customer - to design an Arabic pot, but the company's existing project team does not have direct case experience corresponding to the industry to which Arab culture belongs, years of professionalism requires designers to deeply understand user needs, market environment, cultural origin, etc., so the team gave a design plan after consulting a large number of materials, but it was not recognized by Middle Eastern buyers.


 "You can't create something you don't know." Realizing this, the team began to shift direction and try again to use AI for design upgrades. The designer used years of professional and project experience to repeatedly ask questions and discuss details of AI, and got the answer - Middle East pots are used in social scenes in Middle Eastern countries and are carriers for expressing value for the owner. On this basis, the designer "feeded" a large number of materials containing Middle Eastern elements of AI, and with the power of AI technology, one designer efficiently delivered hundreds of solutions in just 2 days, quickly and ruthlessly solved customer demands, and even exceeded customer expectations to complete the delivery of solutions.
Li Yichao said, "Today we can see that the original AI-assisted designers can actually cross many boundaries of our cognition to gain insight into cross-border, cross-regional and cross-cultural user needs. Today AI brings new possibilities to products and marketing, because it has done more and more to understand you, no longer relying on big items to fight the world, it has become faster and faster, better and better, and more and more.

AI Breakthrough We will eventually dance with the times

" I understand that this is the 2.0 era of AI. We need to understand it, learn it, apply it, of course, many people always maintain a state, first look down, can't learn, and finally can't catch up, this is our real state. "The content generated by AI needs to be integrated with production to improve the productivity of individuals or enterprises to be more meaningful. At a time when AI has become a general trend, to better use AI to empower design, designers' creative habits will also change. In the past, it took a week or even weeks to complete a project, from research, storm, rendering to completion, through a long creative process. Now designers use AI to create in only two steps: training the Lora model + Prompt, streamlining the creative process and improving efficiency. With successful marketing cases, a large number of online and offline designers have begun to test through LKK's AI Professional Edition tools at an astonishing speed. At a time when AI continues to cause panic and anxiety among designers, a large number of designers have changed their mentality, constantly explored and tried, and used AI to make more "surprise" designs. He has accumulated experience in many industries such as  customer electronics Product, home appliances, and personal care, and tried more professional industrial product design, and even clothing design that has never been involved since the establishment of LKK Design Group. Designers use their wisdom and experience to achieve second-level drawing with the help of AI, and complete more and more project deliveries quickly and efficiently. Not only that, LKK Design also launched the "fast packaging" AI design product service of "high-end sense design, massive design, and three-day solution", which attracted a large number of enterprises and customers to cooperate after promotion.

(Some AI design works showcase)

The best way to be part of an era is to recognize it, accept it, and dance with it. As Li Yichao said, "It is not technology that breaks the game and creates people, and everyone who is willing to express good ideas to people and pursue excellence." ”

Whether it is digital platform or AI intelligent design, LKK Design has been promoting the diversified collaboration and iteration of the design industry, optimizing the design ecology, improving the quality of innovation, achieving stronger resource integration and commercial value, empowering more and more enterprises with design power, and constantly exploring more possibilities of design. In the future, LKK Design will introduce AI design into more industries to help more enterprises ride the tide under the general trend of generative AI and digital transformation.

The development of the times relies on imagination, which transcends time and constantly challenges nature's constraints on existence; It transcends difficulties and turns what was thought to be the end of cognition into a starting point; It transcends dimensions and brings infinite reverie to this era of pluralism. And we, connected to the pulse of the development of the times, will continue to explore in the wave of the development of the times.

Finally, Li Yichao said, "Maybe our imagination today is no longer enough to look forward to the future, but we think about what else we can do?" In fact, the most important thing everyone should do at this moment is not to let your opponent choose us first. I hope that in the era of AI, everyone can live the most imaginative life.



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