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At the beginning of 2019, LKK and Saite Robot jointly developed an intelligent delivery robot (AGV) suitable for different hospitals to solve the time-consuming and labor-intensive situation of multiple handling of materials in different areas and the easy spread of bacteria problems.

The R&D and production of this product also added a heavy line of protection to the medical staff fighting on the front line when the epidemic broke out at the end of 2019 and became the first batch of industrial intelligent equipment that was donated to hopitals to transport materials and put into use.

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Shaping flexible product experience based on user behavior

Different from the cold image of medical equipment in the past, LKK has made it into a pet-type delivery robot with a round body and warm emotions under the investigation of a large number of medical staff's usage habits. The slightly raised head not only simulates the intimacy of a pet looking up at its owner, and the screen with adjustable height and viewing angle can also meet users and scenes of different heights.

In the design of the Saite intelligent delivery robot (AGV) , medical staff can scan the code, face, punch card, fingerprint, and other different verification methods to unlock the medical box, so as to ensure the isolation of materials and provide convenience for users as much as possible. The design also meets the needs of products that are easy to open and save space under many medical devices in the hospital.

Investigate market demands and scenarios to create a mechanical design

Since the delivery of materials in different areas of the hospital can easily lead to the spread of pollutants, LKK has created a mechanical design for the Saite intelligent delivery robot (AGV) that can be sterilized in the machine and the boxes on the inner wall can be taken out after conducting market research and product research. Under normal circumstances, it is necessary to ensure the regular cleaning of the machine under the normal transportation of materials. At the same time, the cleaning area in the hospital also enables the Saite intelligent delivery robot (AGV) to bathe and disinfect the outside in time after delivery, reducing the possibility of cross-infection of personnel in the isolation area, reducing the number of times that medical staff travel back and forth between clean areas and polluted areas, saving manpower and reducing the risk of infection.

This is also one of the reasons why Saite intelligent delivery robot (AGV) has been rapidly invested in many hospitals during the epidemic.

Breakthrough thinking creates innovative smart functions

Due to a large number of corridors and elevators in the hospital, the usage scenarios are complex. In the intelligent delivery robot (AGV) jointly built by LKK and Saite Robot, the ground-mounted magnetic stripe navigation action used by traditional AGVs is abandoned, and different types of sensors are used by being embedded in the fuselage.

The breakthrough uses radar equipment for positioning. After placing orders online, medical staff can independently carry out mobile delivery between different departments. At the same time, they can count the material distribution volume of different departments, the operation status, and the efficiency of each equipment.

Saite intelligent delivery robot (AGV) can not only avoid obstacles and automatically charge, but also call elevators and pass through safety gates autonomously with the high-precision indoor navigation system.

In the cooperation of the Saite intelligent delivery robot (AGV) project, LKK participated in the whole process, from market research to product performance analysis, to mechanical design. LKK assists with Saite Robot from draft to product launch to ensure the delivery of the highest quality products. Among them, the first consideration of the market also ensures that in the face of emergencies such as epidemics, the products can be guaranteed to enter the market first and be put into use smoothly.

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