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In 2021, LKK and Rainmed jointly created the Flash Robot - A Vascular Intervention Robot and Coronary Flow Reserve Measuring Instrument specializing in the treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The launch of Flash Robot highly promoted the rapid development of the vascular interventional surgery robot industry.

In July 2022, Rainmed was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Market, making it the most reputable surgical robot after the da Vinci Surgical System.

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With the rapid increase in the penetration rate of surgical robots, the industry has entered a period of rapid growth. However, in the face of the potential market size of tens of billions, only the da Vinci Surgical System is thriving.

How to develop a better surgical robot and quickly enter the market to occupy the market share, not only relates to the pioneering and practicality of the product itself, but also the sensitivity of the medical industry to find a suitable market entry point, to build a brand in the surgery robot industry.

LKK participated in a large number of market research and product development in the early stage with Rainmed and jointly built a vascular interventional surgery robot and a blood flow reserve fraction measuring instrument.

Cardiovascular disease treatment is a complex operation. It is very easy for the doctors to suffer a physical loss under X-ray irradiation for a long time, and because of the high difficulty of surgical operation, the training period of the doctors is long.

In the vascular interventional surgical robot jointly developed by LKK and Rainmed for the above different pain points, the three parts of the robotic arm manipulator, surgical navigation system, and console are analyzed by radar charts of various design schemes, after balance product design, product functions, human-computer interaction, user experience, etc., and comprehensively consider the advantages and disadvantages, LKK carries out the targeted product innovation.

Doctors can operate the joystick on the console to remotely control the robotic arm for surgery, and operate catheters, guide wires, balloons, and other interventional instruments to move to appropriate positions in the blood vessel under the monitoring system for treatment. In the process of transforming the doctor's work into mechanical operation, the realization of millimeter-level operation not only improves the accuracy and efficiency of interventional surgery but also reduces the dependence of the operation on the doctor's personal ability.

In addition, when faced with the serious homogenization of vascular interventional surgery robots and the lack of differentiated innovation, LKK created a family language for Rainmed. Developed the Fractal Flow Reserve Measurement System (FFR) medical trolley to solve the problem of cardiovascular disease diagnosis.

Vascular puncture, angiography, and diagnosis, which take up a lot of time in vascular disease operations, are currently performed only by doctors' personal experience and skills.

In participating in the research and development of the medical trolley (FFR), LKK conducted follow-up user research and analysis, disassembled the distribution and use process into more than 120 slices, analyzed and optimized the user experience details, and recorded users' on-site video throughout the whole process. behavioral characteristics. Together, we will create accurate and standardized puncture angiography operations to help doctors obtain high-quality coronary angiography images, so as to further evaluate coronary heart disease and decide whether patients need stent implantation and which surgical treatment to take.

LKK specializes in the medical industry product design and development, DART IMAGING breast cancer detector, BGI integrated gene sequencing machine, Saiter medical distribution robot, Anke spiral CT... From user behavior research to product strategy, mechanical design to the visual definition, and so on, LKK creates the differentiated advantages of various medical products through the full-case product package, seeks breakthroughs in the industry, and helps brands create high-end, cutting-edge products.

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