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Runmaider coronary flow reserve fractional measurement instrument


Product status

Functional experience: The usage logic is not rigorous

Appearance interaction: no familial language Appearance homogeneity is serious

Market research

Through the trend analysis of medical trolleys, an intelligent experience with convenient operation of medical care, patients and hospitals is constructed.

Product strategy

Radar chart analysis for multiple design schemes, after balancing product appearance, function, human-computer interaction, experience, etc., comprehensively consider the advantages and disadvantages, and then carry out targeted innovation;

User insights

Disassemble the distribution and usage process into more than 120 slices, analyze and optimize user experience details;

Optimize the experience

Build a 1:1 interactive sketch, proofing 1:1 2D drawing, and feel the operation experience;


  1. After thorough communication with customers, the Rococo team conducted tracking user research and analysis, and recorded the behavior characteristics of users throughout the on-site video, and finally summarized all information for slice analysis to study opportunities and pain points.
  2. In the sketching stage, our team analyzes the feasibility of different stacking, scenarios, and functional architecture methods through multiple brainstorms, and finally evaluates the appropriate solution.

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