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Janes Lock Kub IoT Smart Lock

An Award-Winning Smart Lock Product


The James Lock IoT smart door lock wins CMF Design Award 2020 and it is one of the two smart lock products shortlisted for this award in the smart lock industry. The product design is outstanding in color, material, craft, and texture. From unboxing, and lock installments, to user experience, Janes Lock Kub IoT Smart Lock surprised the door lock industry.

Janes Lock Kub IoT Smart Lock Project Story

Function Design

In order to improve the use value of smart door locks and break the traditional lock design boundaries, LKKER SCM innovatively integrates fingerprint recognition and a protective sliding cover into the handle module, redefining the product form, and highlighting the protection and safety features.

The lock side is designed to be suspended. When the door lock is used, the light is illuminated from the side, which reflects the technological sense of the product and does not directly illuminate the human eye.

User Interaction Design

To differentiate from the existing smart door locks in the market, LKKER SCM design team increases the user experience of products and consumers, enhances the commercial value of products, and also enhances the sense of security of products for consumers, so that products can be outstanding from the existing smart door locks.

Safety Design

LKKER SCM highlights the safety issues of the product, hoping to make users feel "welcomed" when they return home through the experience of lighting effects. With the concept of suspension, the lighting is designed on the operation panel and the lock shell. In between, when the lights came out, it was like welcoming us home. In addition, adding a sliding cover to the position of the fingerprint lock achieves dual protection of psychological and practical safety.

User Experience Design

The durability and continuous performance of the process allow the lock to maintain a certain quality for several years, avoiding unnecessary losses caused by excessive loss. In addition, the door handle also takes into account the comfort of the hand and enhances the user's experience from vision to touch.

Janes Lock Kub IoT Smart Lock Product Highlight

The Janes Lock IoT smart door lock reflects the sense of smart technology in the home and the quality of the product. The whole body is made of zinc alloy die-casting. The product is strong and not easy to destroy. The IML process used on the surface panel can achieve a smooth touch feel on the surface.

The Janes Lock IoT smart door lock is the first smart door lock to achieve double-layer protection, taking into account the protection of the home and the safety of the family, showing the minimalist beauty and high-level sense of "less is more".

The Janes Lock IoT smart door lock will completely subvert the user's impression that the slider is "not convenient enough". Even if the user is carrying a heavy object, the user can easily push the slide cover with one finger. Because of the direct and coherent "one-grip" operation, the entire door opening process will be convenient and economical.

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