Introduction: LKKER SCM will determine product testing items by experience for clients, and prepare product inspection standards based on international standards, national standards, industrial standards, customer-specific requirements and the results of the testing and evaluation so as to ensure the quality and safety of the product and safeguard the immediate interests of consumers.

Service content: Determine product information (parameters, sales area, product classification, etc.), develop test schemes and plans, arrange tests, confirm test results, remedy for non-conforming products, test report output

Project Period: 23 working days after certification (this period only applies to enterprises for which certification precedes factory examination)

Materials Provided by Customers: business license, application information, ODM or OEM agreement, product nameplate, product specifications, key component list, circuit schematic diagram, formal application, manufacturing enterprise’s self-declaration and letter of commitment to factory quality assurance capabilities, consistency statement, CCC factory check & survey,etc.

Output: test/certification training plan, internal test/certification report, internal test/certification rectification plan, and technical guidance scheme, plan, and test/certification report  for missing items in test/certification

  Work Subject Work Content
1 Signing a service contrac Confirm the signed quotation sheet for the certification program or sign a technical certification service contract with Lianyu.
2 Sample and materials assessment Provide samples for pre-testing and provide certification materials for assessment according to requirements.
3 Instructive investigation and survey prior to factory examination

Conduct a preliminary investigation and survey on the production factory (preparatory work prior to factory examination).

4 Certification application acceptance Submit a certification application to national certification authorities.
5 Formal submission for testing

Submit test samples to a designated state lab.

6 Qualification test report The lab conducts testing and issues a CCC product qualification test report.
7 Qualification assessment by certification authorities Submit the qualification report to state certification authorities for report assessment.
8 Collection of the CCC certificate

Certification authorities assess whether the requirements for issuing a certificate are met; if yes, authorities make a CCC certificate and issue it to the applicant.

9 Instructions for factory examination Provide instructions to the production factory regarding factory examination, complete factory examination materials, and review other elements.
10 Formal factory examination Submit a factory examination application to state certification authorities and designate a date for factory examination.
11 Reporting qualification after factory examination State examiners send a factory examination qualification report to state certification authorities.

Other Service

solution December 2018

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