How to achieve an exhibition with 80 million project opportunities

On October 18-21, the four-day “2018 Hong Kong Autumn Mobile Electronics Show” came to a successful conclusion. The LKKER R&D SCM team brought more than 30 innovative products to Hong Kong’s largest pavilion – Hong Kong AsiaWorld-Expo along with nearly 3,700 domestic and foreign manufacturers. Exquisite and special space  During the four days of the …

On October 18-21, the four-day “2018 Hong Kong Autumn Mobile Electronics Show” came to a successful conclusion. The LKKER R&D SCM team brought more than 30 innovative products to Hong Kong’s largest pavilion – Hong Kong AsiaWorld-Expo along with nearly 3,700 domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Exquisite and special space

 During the four days of the exhibition, there was a large amount of people.

The booth attracted buyers from all over the world

The flow of people at the booth of the LKKER SCM was always endless. More than 30 products with exquisite appearance, unique functions and high sales volume attracted the audience at home and abroad.

For the innovative companies around the globe, in the process of product incubation, there will be countless difficulties. Who can help them? The factory does not have the ability to innovate and integrate. The design company does not have production management capabilities. The traditional supply chain companies do not have the ability to develop and control products. The LKKER SCM is a one-stop innovative product integration service platform integrating product design, R&D, prototyping, tooling, production, packaging and transportation, e-commerce channel and supply chain finance. It is a product production management company that truly has technology, team, resources and experience.

Therefore, a large number of customers from Europe, America, and Asia in the exhibition found that in the country of manufacturing – China, there is such a supply chain management company that can realize the complete incubation of a product. It is a treasure. A large number of customers came one after another, and even many customers came to our booth several times in the exhibition several days to communicate product cooperation ideas. And all that we have seen and gained makes us more confident in the development of “globalization, integrated management, innovative R&D.”

Xiaoya AI Speaker disassembly diagram

Hong Kong Mobile Electronics Show, as Asia’s largest consumer electronics show, is not difficult to see from its exhibiting products over the past few years, it is also facing a major problem as the domestic product market – “product homogenization”, various industries’ electronic products are developing towards extreme market maturity, and the competition in the industry is becoming more and more fierce. This is also the dilemma of product-oriented enterprises. The global smart electronic products are in urgent need of transformation.

LKKER SCM is committed to building a world’s largest ecosystem of innovative products, providing supply chain management services centered around product development, helping companies to bring their ideas to life. Over the years, we have been deeply involved in the five major product areas of smart hardware, medical & health, new retail, new entertainment, and small household appliances. Through the integration of product flow, information flow and capital flow, we provide design assurance, product quality assurance and delivery cycle guarantee, cost control guarantee, production fund guarantee, and sales channel guarantee. It is the best choice to truly solve product innovation and creative landing.

Then, next, let’s take everyone to see the exhibition site.

What are the good products that attract countless customers domestically and internationally?

Self-developed Smart Mouse Sikitime

At the exhibition site, everyone showed great interest in the smart mouse independently developed by the LKKER SCM. This collapsible mouse named Sikitime is the world’s first mouse that provides users with two distinct modes of operation. The clicker and mouse are integrated into one, and the appearance is simple and generous. It is the best assistant for business people.

MagicPen Food Painting Robot “Little Ma Liang”

In addition, “Little Ma Liang” also attracted frequent visitors to the scene. It’s a robot that can customize painting on food, which can help catering merchants print patterns on the surface of more than 20 kinds of ingredients, WeChat upload, 15 seconds of customization, it turns coffee, yogurt, bread, cakes, macarons, biscuits, etc. into a custom food.

Uface Ubisoft Smart Front Desk

Uface is a face recognition system. The biggest feature of this product is that it can realize the functions of attendance registration, visitor registration and access control under face recognition mode by pre-recording personal name, image and other information. The recognition speed is shortened from 3-5s to 0.01s, and the recognition rate can be 97%, which is much higher than other similar products. You can view and modify user data at any time through the APP and cloud background, generate attendance and visitor lists. Achieve smart experiences in new office scenarios.

2nd Generation Carrobot Lite

“Carrobot” is a smart on-board robot based on HUD+ voice control man-machine dialogue, which can greatly improve the safety of driving. After successfully launching the smart Carrobot, the LKKER SCM team perfectly improved the second generation Carrobot – compass-type smart navigation system. The HUD transparent projection screen placed on the instrument panel directly in front of the steering wheel displays information, and realizes functions such as voice navigation, making a call, sending and receiving WeChat, and listening to music through voice control.

Onecup Smart Drinking Machine

Onecup is the world’s first smart drink machine. Of course, it is more than just a smart drink machine, it is an innovative solution to the Chinese hot drink culture. Its emergence will liberate people from the tediousness of homemade drinks on the basis of satisfying people’s preferences for hot drinks and ensuring food safety, providing a simpler, more efficient and more convenient experience.

Smart Companion Robot ZIB

This product is the celebrity of the children’s robotics industry, released in the Silicon Valley, becoming the industry’s number one brand. It solved the problem of the lack of companionship with the children, becomes lonely, and hopes to provide more care, fun, novelty, education, and efficient learning environment. Let the children feel the emotional care of their parents no matter time and location.

Peapad Children’s Robot

Peapad is a children’s robot that integrates teaching and entertainment. LKKER SCM provided structural design, supply chain management, pilot production, 3C certification and other services. Its exterior is made of food-grade raw materials. When the distance between the child and the screen is less than 20cm, the Peapad will open the eye protection mode and automatically adjust the brightness of the screen according to the brightness of the ambient light to achieve the eye protection effect.

In addition to the above mentioned products

Also exhibited more than 20 other models

Innovative products designed and developed by us

It is through so many truly valuable products that customers saw the accumulation and value of the LKKER SCM in the field of innovative products, so we obtained a lot of business opportunities and orders.

In addition to good products, LKKER SCM’s planning for the globalization is one of the reasons for the success of the exhibition. Its excellent overseas business opportunity, technology, marketing team, a professional team of being proficient in English and a deep understanding of LKKER SCM capture the favor of so many overseas customers.

Our team answered questions for customers in fluent english.

The success of this Hong Kong Mobile Electronics Show

Brought us more confidence

In the future, we

will participate more in overseas exhibitions

We will always follow

“Innovation-based” values

Always work hard to bring more Good design, good product

to everyone

See you next time!


Imagination empowers new species – LKK LKKER designs a beautiful world

On October 11-12, 2018, the United States International Data Group (IDG) and the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Guangzhou Municipal Government and the Guangdong Development and Reform Commission co-sponsored a number of well-known enterprises to jointly organize a global science and technology event – 2018 Xiaomanyao technology conference – The Global Mobile …

On October 11-12, 2018, the United States International Data Group (IDG) and the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Guangzhou Municipal Government and the Guangdong Development and Reform Commission co-sponsored a number of well-known enterprises to jointly organize a global science and technology event – 2018 Xiaomanyao technology conference – The Global Mobile Developers Conference and Artificial Intelligence Leadership Summit was held at the InterContinental Guangzhou Exhibition Center.

2018 Xiaomanyao technology conference

The event has been successfully held for six times. It is a typical representative of various industries that focus on technology and business. It explores the frontiers of the times and pioneering technology, and has become one of the benchmarking activities for leading the new era. This year’s Xiaomanyao Technology Conference consists of 1 main forum + 11 parallel forums + think tank closing meeting + awards dinner, with the theme of “GO! Build the World”, to gather inputs and explore artificial Intelligence new path.

This year is the third year that LKK LKKER in conjunction with the Xiaomanwa Technology Conference held a special forum to impress the audience again. This year’s special forum theme “Design – Smart Hardware X Species Conference”, nine important guests gathered to discuss design empowerment and X species creation in the era of artificial intelligence. Mr. Guoxun Han, the deputy inspector of the Guangzhou Municipal Industry and Information Technology Committee, gave an opening speech for the event. He said that the country and society are full of expectations for design and smart hardware.

Chairman of LKK Innovation Design Group and founder of LKKER Sharing Design Platform

Foresee X species

Jia Wei, Chairman of the LKK Innovation Design Group and founder of the LKKER Sharing Design Platform, gave a speech at the forum entitled “Imagination empowers X Species, Designing a Beautiful World”. He said that the new era must be an era of imagination economy, artificial intelligence and imagination are seamlessly combined, and imagination can create new X species. He mentioned: “Imagination is the soil of X species. Imagination can build X species on design platform, create new smart retail species, and create new aesthetics. Imagination empowers, the new era LKK LKKER continues to use design to move and build a beautiful world. It is also the vision of LKK LKKER.”

Chairman of LKK Innovation Design Group and founder of LKKER Sharing Design Platform

Li Dejun, Dean of PCI Technology Global Smart Technology Research Institute and Dean of the Institute of Transportation Brain Research, gave a speech on the theme of “Intelligent Integrated Precision Traffic Management – Theory, Architecture, and Practice”, shared the current research and practice in traffic management in the era of artificial intelligence. People are gradually enjoying the convenience of the new era.

For the future use of artificial intelligence, through “AI empowerment, from enhancement to creation”, Dr. Kang Heng, vice president of Uni Sound, gave a systematic analysis. He said that data collection capability has reached an point that if necessary, every detail of a person can be learnt, even predicted.

On-site debate

On the X species

At the forum, several guests also debated the “new era of the rise of X species, the application of AI first, or the advancement of AI technology first.” LKKER technology partner, Guangzhou LKKER General Manager Jiang Xiaomei co-chaired, proposition side of supporting AI application first LKK LKKER Jia Wei, Brinc China General Manager Pan Yiwen and Bei Yi IoT CEO Chen Hao and opposition side of supporting AI technology first Dr. Li Dejun from PCI Technology, Dr. Kang Heng from Uni Sound and Dr. Ge Chang from Juxingxingdong smart robot, launched a heated debate. The guests expressed their understanding and expectation for the era of artificial intelligence.

LKKER Technology Partner, General Manager of Guangzhou LKKER Jiang Xiaomei

LKKER release

On-site release of 2018 X species overview, Luo Ke Technology Partner, Guangzhou LKKER General Manager Jiang Xiaomei brought a series of amazing smart hardware products designed by LKK LKKER, including The first children’s smart speakers designed by LKK, jointly developed by Ximalaya FM, Tencent Animation and Rokid. In the era of artificial intelligence, the latest AI technology gives Xiaobu the ability to accompany and entertain.

At the same time, LKKER Lenovo Innovation Conference, Alibaba Cloud and LKK LKKER jointly released competitions and projects with themes of smart, technology, innovation and business like “Guangdong Industrial Intelligence Big Data Innovation Competition, Brinc Global IoT Accelerator, International Innovator Project Recommendations”. They have injected a sustainable element into the forum, helping artificial intelligence from different dimensions.

Zhangyu resource classification smart recycling cabinet

The founder of Zhagyuhuishou, Beiyi IoT CEO Chen Hao released on the scene a new smart recycling machine designed by LKK LKKER – Zhangyu resource classification intelligent recycling cabinet, LKK LKKER added smart identification and interactive system to the design for Zhangyu resource classification intelligent recycling cabinet from Hangzhou Beiyi IoT. They created a X species that can change people’s lifestyle, guided people to practice environmental protection concepts, made environmental protection easier, made the world a better place and brought the conference on a new climax.

Jia Wei, Chairman of LKK Innovation Design Group and founder of LKKER Sharing Design Platform, interviewed by the media

Attachment: Jia Wei Introduction

Jia Wei

Famous Chinese designer

Chairman of LKK Innovation Design Group

Founder of LKKER Sharing Design Platform

Winner of the international top design awards such as Red Dot, iF, IDEA, G-Mark, Red Star, and the first commercial designer with business mind and design talent;

Top ten outstanding youth in China’s design industry, invited industrial designer at the World Design Summit; and associate researcher at the Institute of Cultural Industry of Peking University.

LKKER, China’s leading sharing design platform focused on product innovation, brings together more than 1 million global creators, 30,000 professional designers, providing companies services like public production creation – product design – production supply chain – product marketing – investment etc, to create a full-process service. It aims to create good products for enterprises, populate good products, and empower new products.

The failure of many products is attributed to a lack of knowledge in supply chain

What is the product supply chain. Many simply perceive it as logistics , transport , factory  or system.  Now we show you how LKKER SCM makes products.

The first thing that came to the mind of many at the mention of the supply chain would be logistics, transportation, loading and unloading. After a great deal of explanation, the response I got was,
“Oh, we have a new term for express delivery?”
“Well, I still don’t quite understand what supply chain is.”

Today, I am going to discuss with you what “supply chain” actually does. Before we begin, take a moment to picture what supply chain is to you.

First of all, what is supply chain?

Wikipedia says: In commerce, supply chain management (SCM), the management of the flow of goods and services, involves the movement and storage of raw materials, of work-in-process inventory, and of finished goods from point of origin to point of consumption. 

Don’t worry if the explanation doesn’t make any sense to you. The article I wrote today is to explain the supply chain management service of our company in simple words.


Let’s take a look at the 12 major production processes of a product.

When we need mobile phones, computers, remote controls, washing machines and other things that we can’t live without, we would turn to Target and Amazon. But has it occurred to you how these products are produced, put on store shelves and the e-commerce store before purchased by you?

If you dig deeper, you are getting closer to what our company is doing, in the technical term, “product supply chain”.

Before a product is produced, it will undergo 12 production processes: product definition, strategy analysis, appearance design, software and hardware R&D, mechanical design, feasibility evaluation, prototype making, supplier matching, mold design and making, pilot production, testing and certification, production and supply. After the product is launched, there are another two important processes: channel integration and product marketing.

LKKER SCM offers customers services covering the whole industry chain from product design, R&D, production and supply, to marketing, channel, capital and incubation and provides users with total solutions for innovative products

We are here to assist you materialize your ideas from concepts to physical products.

What are the specifics of these production processes?


From mere concept to market analysis, verification of the feasibility of product functions, then to appearance and mechanical design, hardware and software R&D by ID, MD designers, R&D and Product Manager, determination of product appearance framework, internal mechanism, and implementation of product features, followed by production of appearance prototype, functional prototype, and the verification of the feasibility of product design. Generally speaking, it is to make a model out of design drawings to see if the appearance and mechanical design are reasonable, and whether the product functions can be implemented.



Next, resource matching. To match the most suitable manufacturer who understands the product best to design mold and make products out of molds. After a product is produced, a pilot production is required to prevent mass production defects caused by materials, die sinking, and improper process control and ensure success mass production.


Finally, we have to find a testing and certification company to conduct a sample inspection of product quality and to audit and evaluate the quality system of the enterprise. More generally speaking, it is to find professional quality inspectors to stamp your product to prove that your product quality is acceptable, so that users can use it with assurance.



The last but not least, the production and supply. It also poses challenges to sell (sell to whom and how to sell). We integrate the channels to sell the high-quality products to cross-border B2C such as Amazon and LZADA, as well as to the offline channels of supermarkets overseas such as TARGET. We also act as agent for premium brands to operate on overseas platforms such as Amazon.

Maybe you already feel tired of reading such long pages of text. But in fact, the production of a product is far more complicated than these few short paragraphs. It takes a great deal of time and effort of industrial designers, product development managers, project engineers and quality engineers, who, as I have mentioned in the last article, work late into the night to revise designs and regular stay in factory to monitor the project day and night.


The mere production of a product involves the matching of a large number of suppliers in battery, antenna, motor, hardware, electroplating, prototype, mold and so on.

Dear reader, have my long-winded article provided you a glimpse of what product supply chain is? It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand. Just remember that we are Shenzhen LKKER R&D Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. specialized in supply chain management service. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a product demand. We are the best in delivering good products, after all.

Lkk won 12 iF design awards in 2018

Supplemented by “innovative design capability”, LKK became the big winner of 12 iF awards.  It empowers the rise of “Design in China” with the imagination and innovative design of creators.


2018年iF设计奖揭晓,洛可可一举斩获12项iF!!!The iF Design Award is known as the “The Oscars of Design”, It’s renowned for its “independent, rigorous and reliable” appraisal concept. On January 30th, the winners of the 65th iF Design Award were announced.LKK, supplemented by its “innovation design capability”, became the big winner of 12 iF awards. It empowers the rise of “Design in China” by bring together the imagination and innovation design capability of creators.

V1 Lithium-ion Battery-driven Folding Bicycle


By the use of 3D one-piece frame and front fork, V1 becomes the first bicycle with new design framework adopting invisible welding bead, invisible screws and invisible folder. It satisfies the imagination of future travel.

LKK’s designers recreate every detail from the user’s point of view and maintain a unified design language throughout. The ergonomically designed frame angle, the comfortable handle designed for long cycling, the brake handle more in line with electric vehicle braking torque, simple and convenient foldable structure, highly integrated battery bracket structure, and the well-designed lighting system for night riding, demonstrate that every detail has been verified and modified repeatedly to achieve higher standards.

Brand Image Design for Segway


As the leader in balance bike and a world-class brand for private transportation and innovative lifestyles, Segway has influenced many people. LKK’s designers helped Segway enhance the recognition of the brand name and endow the brand with new energy by optimizing the brand visual identity. In the context of consumption upgrading, the design gives Segway a new mission of “opening human life to infinite possibilities”.

HiAR Glasses


The core design concept of the product comes from “lightweight AR glasses that are comfortable to wear”. LKK’s design team has established the design principle of more compact and easily wearable glasses at the early stage, which is embodied in the foldable arms and the elastic clip design. A perfect pair of HiAR glasses that can be worn at any time to access the AR world comes into being.

LKK’s design team also made breakthroughs in tackling the shortcomings and limitations in modeling. The restrained and gentle frame outline & CMF scheme is the core of the design. The slightly expanded Flowing Flex integrates the design of the shading lens, the casing and the power unit into a unified and flexible whole, making HiAR Glasses stand out from the rigid and simple consumer electronics design of the same period.

Illusion – Small-spacing LED Display


Illusion – small-spacing LED display is an innovative product that replaces Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and Multi-projector Display (DLP) and is capable of providing customers with higher quality display and playback services such as information dissemination, branding and advertising effects. In view of the cumbersome operation and the complicated installation and display of the LED display, LKK successfully develops the world’s first high-precision LED display that can be installed bare-handed by one person in 2 steps and 4 seconds through subversive design. The case body is connected with multi-functional quick lock that allows installation by one person without tools. The wire-free connection and one-piece design allows separate and convenient maintenance after powered off. The anti-collision boss design at the sides of the case body protects the module during assembly, handling and placement.

MV-Micro-spaced Arc-shaped Rental Display


The MV-micro-spaced arc-shaped rental display solves the problem of micro-spaced display not being able to be arc-shaped for the first time and allows more diversified usage occasions. It also settles the cumbersome operation process of the LED arc-shaped display, enables accurate operation and installation from “locating to lock” by one person and improves the user’s operating experience as a whole. It breaks the technical bottleneck of the micro-spaced arc-shaped display. The product is featured by micro-spaced arc-shaped display, thumb-level accurate operation, quick LED front maintenance, and innovative memory screen connection.

X-PLUS Rental LED Stage


LKK’s design team breaks the rigid image of traditional LED display as an industrial equipment and makes bold combination of industry and art, giving the product streamlined dynamics. The innovative arc-shaped lock design allows connection in 2 steps. The original power box maintenance enables maintenance within 5 seconds. Under the “intelligent” design concept, the product promotes the development of LED industry with professional and practical functions and excellent visual appeal.

Storion SMILE 5


The household energy storage system Storion SMILE 5 breaks the traditional rigid design and presents a modern simplicity. It not only provides electricity for household consumption, but also ensures proper functioning and continuous power supply in emergencies such as power outages with its integrated UPS system. It truly enables a 24-hour uninterrupted power supply and provides ready-to-use clean energy to advocate a low-carbon sustainable lifestyle.



The product adheres to the high-end quality and green concept and is made of 304 stainless steel with an exquisite and textured look. The uniqueness lies in the leather handle, which is both functional and highlighting texture.



The elegant and slim line design highlights its distinction. What you choose is a cup. But in the eyes of others, it is your taste.




It is a iterative product of the classic 55° cooling cups. It is featured by a smaller and more portable body, and more eye-catching color. Like Mini Cooper, 55°Koola is to make the world more beautiful with compactness.

How to establish long-term steady and healthy partnership with suppliers

As the core task of supplier management, the maintenance of customer relationship brings direct or potential advantages to sourcing enterprises by promoting open exchanges between the two sides and avoiding many potential problems.

As the core task of supplier management, the maintenance of customer relationship brings direct or potential advantages to sourcing enterprises by promoting open exchanges between the two sides and avoiding many potential problems.

For example, when an enterprise makes an urgent request of increased quantity of supply or early deliveries to the supplier, its demands can easily be met with a solid purchaser-supplier relationship that shortens the negotiation between the parties, simplifies the problems and settles disputes with little hindrance.

Based on LKKER SCM’s years of experience in managing 3,000+ supplier partners, we would like to share with you the following key approaches in building favorable purchaser-supplier relationship.

1. Build mutual trust and maintain business confidentiality

The purchaser must maintain strict confidentiality of all costs, techniques and performance of the supplier. Any disclosure of a supplier’s information to another supplier will soon be learnt by the supplier, which will undermine the long-term relationship between the supplier and the supply management company.

It is of great importance to enter into a mutual confidentiality agreement with the supplier in the early stage of establishing a partnership.

2. Conduct strategic cooperation and consultation with supplier executives

The executives of the purchaser should meet with its counterparts in the key suppliers on a regular basis to discuss the strategic cooperation objectives in the long run.

Many Fortune 500 companies such as Caterpillar, Intel, and Toyota regularly hold such meetings with key suppliers, during which managers of both sides discuss market trends, potential expansion plans, long-term technical issues and future investment plans.

3. Focus on end user

Each party in the supply chain should be aware that they are serving the common end consumer, which leads to a common core.

Honda told all its suppliers of parts and raw materials that they are contributing to the manufacturing of each Honda. All suppliers, regardless of where they are in the supply chain, have the same core.

4. Carry out satisfaction surveys on suppliers on a regular basis

To collect feedback from suppliers and inquire about the communication with the purchaser, the attitude towards purchaser-supplier relationship, the accuracy of information communication, the punctuality of payment, the equality of status and the possibility of exposure to new opportunities, especially in terms of payment through a questionnaire.

Late payment will undoubtedly give the supplier a bad impression and may cause financial problems to the supplier, which will affect its ability to pay the downstream supplier or fulfill a contract, and ultimately influence the entire supply chain of the enterprise.

5.Deliver pertinent training for suppliers

Some supply management companies provide training opportunities for their suppliers to improve their quality of products and processes. This is an investment in supplier performance and also in the relationship between the two sides.

For example, some of the largest Korean companies, such as LG Electronics and Samsung, offer their suppliers training courses covering leadership, solutions and computer aided conceptual design (CACD).

Case Sharing: How does Caterpillar build a good relationship with suppliers?

Caterpillar regards suppliers as a key part in its business operation and value chain. It has set up a global sourcing center dedicated to the formulation and development of supplier strategies, as well as selection of suppliers, demonstrating the great importance it has attached to the selection and development of suppliers. Caterpillar has developed a set of selection criteria for suppliers, namely the QCLDM, where Q stands for Quality, C stands for cost, L stands for logistics, D stands for development, i.e., the ability to develop, and M stands for management. Caterpillar evaluates its suppliers from the five aspects of QCLDM.

Caterpillar not only selects, but also helps and supports its suppliers. In Caterpillar, whether a Chinese supplier is to be selected as China-based matching supplier or a global supplier is determined by a variety of factors such as the products, management and cost and quality of the supplier. At present, Caterpillar has 300+ suppliers in China, most of whom are local suppliers, and some are foreign suppliers drawn to China with the expansion of Caterpillar. For example, some Japanese suppliers have invested and developed in China after following Caterpillar into China.

No company has invested such a large amount of resources to support and develop suppliers in China like Caterpillar. Such support has also earned Caterpillar the highest praise among suppliers. With the help of Caterpillar, many suppliers have grown into global suppliers of Caterpillar from scratch, and some are even included into the Harvard Business School Cases.


Caterpillar has established a Caterpillar Supplier Park specialized in excavators in Xuzhou to construct a comprehensive supporting network. A competitive and efficient supply chain system will be an indispensable part of the future competitiveness of an enterprise. The building of an efficient and integrated supplier system, including information flow, logistics and integration is vital to enterprises, especially if their production capacity reaches a certain extent.