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Product overview

Visibility is a routine item of meteorological observation, an optical index reflecting the degree of atmospheric turbidity, an important physical quantity characterizing the degree of near-surface atmospheric transparency, and can be used to analyze the degree of air pollution under specific conditions. It has important influence on aviation, navigation, land transportation, target detection and identification, and military activities. In meteorology, visibility is one of the important parameters to identify the characteristics of air mass. It represents the atmospheric optical state at that time and is closely related to the change of weather. It has practical significance in weather forecasting and environmental monitoring.

The index of DNQ1 forward scattering visibility meter is based on the requirements of Functional Specification for Forward Scattering Visibility Meter formulated by the Comprehensive Observation Department of ZG Meteorological Bureau. In May 2011, Huayun Company used DNQ1 forward scattering visibility meter to participate in and pass the visibility meter assessment organized by meteorological detection Center. In the assessment process, DNQ1 performed stably. The effect is ideal.

1Product structure

The specific components of HY-V35 visibility sensor areshown in the figure, and the overall upper 7 parts are composed. Use mounting flangesto secure it to the mast side or crossarm.                  

The numbers shown in the figure correspond to the following



③blank panel

Pt100 temperature sensor in tube

⑤Mounting base

Shielded heater

⑦Light sensor

2、product feature

The equipment conforms to the new data dictionary query protocol compiled by the Meteorological sounding Technology Center of ZG Meteorological Office. It can also directly interact with the front-end sensor commands and collect data through the data transmittance instruction of the collector. 

Product advantage

The equipment conforms to the data dictionary query protocol newly compiled by ZX meteorological detection technology of ZG Meteorological Bureau. It can also directly interact with the front-end sensor commands and collect data through the data transmittance instruction of the collector.

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