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Project Background

Founded in 2011, VIDOO is a company that focuses on technology and dreams. It focuses on the research and exploration of machine vision and is committed to creating the most cutting-edge gestures and solutions. The micro-motion VIDOO Motion Detector And Controller can realize remote control and feel control, and convey operation ideas in a new dynamic way.


Product Description

Micro-motion combines advanced image fusion algorithms to locate and track the movement trajectory of the hand in three-dimensional space, recognize the gesture of the hand, and convert the movement of the hand into operating instructions.

Businesses and Services We Provide

Manufacturing Feasibility Assessment, Mechanical Design, Supplier Development and Management, Mold Design and Manufacturing, Product Testing and Verification, Quality Management, Supply Management, Supply Chain Consulting


Project difficulties/highlights and solutions

Project Difficulty - Product Process
For the beauty and quality of the product, the surface treatment process is strictly required, and the front and back sides of the shell need to be painted.


Excellent solution
After on-site review and verification, a special fuel injection fixture was modified and customized to solve the problem of baking paint.

Project difficulties
Due to polishing, the thickness of the four end faces of the product shell is inconsistent.

Excellent solution
Post-processing defects are compensated for by mold improvement.

Value/market feedback/outcomes provided by our services

The VIDOO motion detector and controller can realize remote control and feel control, and convey operation ideas in a new dynamic way.

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