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Problems encountered by customers in this project:

In the current market, there are many types of children's eye protection table lamps, or the visual naive or too adult and low-price competition in the morning. The Tovin team hopes that the LKK design team can help them make new differences and more humanistic care in their products. Also a gift out of love.

Business and services provided by LKK:

After an in-depth understanding of the needs of customers, the LKK design team will give it a simple and rounded design language that combines design elements, usage scenarios, and design concepts. It eliminates the feeling of being too naive when similar products are cold, forms a differentiation with the products on the market, and enhances the visual memory, fun, and humanistic care of the products. Through the joint efforts of LKK and Tovin team, the product has been put into production and won the "Golden Horse Award in Design Industry" Golden Pin Design Award, China Intelligent Manufacturing Award, and other honors.

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LKK design achievements and solutions:

It is a children's intelligent posture correction eye protection table lamp

1) Intelligent photosensitive, keep the comfortable and ideal light source

2) Intelligent sensor detection, sitting posture correction reminder, scientific eye reminder

3) Ultrasonic sensing, automatic environmental protection, and energy-saving lights out

4) Designed for children's health, helping children grow up happily


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