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Project Background:
Since the introduction of electricity into human life, electricity leakage, spark explosion, short circuit, and other electricity accidents have occurred from time to time. The number of electric shock casualties exceeds 10,000 every year, and the loss exceeds 10 billion USD.

User needs:
Tollea waterproof smart socket's patented Anti-electric shock technology has passed certifications. At the same time, the unique waterproof patented technology of Tollea sockets enables the sockets to be used safely and safely in dark and damp kitchens and bathrooms.

Product Strategy:
Tollea waterproof smart socket is the first socket designed with a color translucent shell; it adopts a simple, cute, round and integrated design style, breaking through the visual experience of traditional sockets.

Mechanical Design Optimization:
Industrial design that matches the requirements of safety performance, one-time stamping and forming of copper conductors inside, no solder joint design, and no external screws are used, making the product not only beautiful and tidy but also safer.

Project Highlight:

1. The R&D team of LKK deeply experiences the use scenarios of sockets in each area of ​​the home. With the user as the center, through systematic research and analysis and product development and design, with the core waterproof patent technology and waterproof structure, the hardware is selected and stacked, in order to optimize the design.

2. Considering the brand attributes of the socket and the characteristics of the users, the design style and mechanical design are carried out.

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