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Users Pain Points:

Existing tea maker is similar to the water dispenser, it cannot fully consider the user's habits, the competing products are single, and there are few products of the same type in the industry.

Optimization upgrade:
With a voice or sound reminder function, the water in the water tank can be directly drawn from other buckets for replenishment.

LKK did market research and design analysis of the current tea machine and coffee machine, carry out radar chart analysis for various design schemes, after balancing product appearance, function, human-computer interaction, experience, etc., comprehensively consider the advantages and disadvantages, and then carry out final design for the product.

Project Highlight:

1. Disassemble the distribution and usage process into more than 120 slices, analyze and optimize the details of user experience; Automatic design, automatic cover opening; large screen design

2. The screen is similar to the mobile phone screen, integrating display and operation function.

3. The tea-awakening liquid is directly discharged into the wastewater tank with a capacity of 300-400ml, which can accommodate three or fewer tea-awakening liquids (that is, within one day);

4. A specially configured fair cup is placed on the wastewater tank, and the tea in the container can be kept warm;

5. The tea brewing module uses purple sand material;

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