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Current Product Pain Point:

Inconvenient operation and complicated function options. It is difficult to wash the pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables by hand.

Optimized Experience:

Simplify the operation and function classification by classifying the main meals of the family, so that the functions are clear and easy to operate.

Appearance design:

The simple appearance design makes the product suitable for kitchens of different layouts through the analysis of the crowd and the structure of the family kitchen, bringing a new technological experience to the gourmet space. The fuselage adopts a high-curvature rounded design as a whole, so that the transitions and turns of each curved surface flow naturally under the light and shadow, achieving a visually extremely comfortable state.

Through the analysis of different water volumes, it is suitable for the size of different fruits, vegetables, and meat, and it is convenient for pouring and cleaning. The water tank and the base are separated and designed to facilitate cleaning and multi-purpose assembly and placement.

Project Highlight:

1. In terms of product appearance, break the situation of serious market homogeneity
2. The compact size does not take up space, and it can be used immediately after purchase. It can be placed in a line, L-shaped, U-shaped, and various kitchens.
3. The SUAN fruit and vegetable purifier is made of food-grade PP material, which prevents secondary pollution while using it, and makes it more secure for family members to use.

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