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Smart safe is an innovative product that integrates the basic functions of traditional safe boxes with modern intelligent technology, and its use scenarios mainly include hotels and families. Different from the traditional safe, it can realize fingerprint recognition unlocking, face recognition unlocking, remote unlocking and remote monitoring and other functions, which is a perfect combination of modern technology and ensuring the safety of items.


During the initial development, after the customer completed the appearance and mechanical design of the safe in the United States, he found that the appearance and design effect of the product were very different from what he expected, and the function could not be realized, and it could not enter the manufacturing process.


In order to resolve this problem, we started from "design for manufacturing", redefined the function of the product, and redeveloped the electronic and hardware design. After determining the design of the PCBA and the selection of electronic components, we re-carried out the mechanical design work. In this way, not only the basic function and appearance of the product are guaranteed, but also the feasibility of manufacturing, the reliability of product quality, the consistency of mass production and the rationality of production cost.


In the whole process of product development, we fully consider the use scenarios and user needs of the product, and define and optimize the function of the product according to market feedback, so that the smart safe has achieved the ideal effect in the combination of electronics, hardware and machinery. At the same time, in order to ensure the production quality and product reliability, we have carried out multiple tests and tests in strict accordance with the requirements of product standards, and recorded all key production data, so as to better control production quality, optimize production efficiency, and reduce production costs in later mass production.


In short, in the product development process of smart safes, we not only pay attention to the appearance design and function development of products, but also pay more attention to the feasibility of manufacturing and the rationality of production costs, which not only meet the needs of users, but also have innovation and practicality, and achieve the goal of sustainable development of products, becoming the favored choice of the market and users.

We provide one-stop product development services:industrial design, mechanical design,   rapid prototyping,small batch production,DFM,Mold design and manufacturing, Validation&Certification,  mass production, etc

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