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Project Background:
Liquor is the second largest category in China's food industry, with a large market capacity and many market opportunities. The current market development of traditional liquor packaging is very mature.

User needs:
Different from the existing liquor packaging in the market, we hope to make it intelligent, adding current intelligent technology, completely abandoning the existing paper packaging method, and creating a new field of liquor packaging.

Product Strategy:
The user scans the code on the mobile phone to enter the eCommerce mall, purchases products, pays, and fills in the receiving information. After receiving the product, scan the code for verification. After the acceptance is passed, the packaging box is opened and the bottle body is taken out.

Optimized Experience:
When drinking, choose the pouring mode, the spout is extended to pour the liquor, and at the same time, you can also interact with human-machine voice chat. After drinking the liquor, turn off the power and put it into the packaging box for the recycling process. After the manufacturer receives the confirmation, the system automatically returns the deposit.

Project Highlight:

1. Electronic backfill prevention: After the inner tank is filled, the RFID label is attached. After the bottle is returned to the manufacturer, the inner tank is taken out and refilled through the production line (RFID) to prevent counterfeit and inferior wine from being poured into the bottle.
2. Intelligent voice assistant: can be used online and offline, the voice broadcast is customized.
3. According to the actual needs of logistics safety, product traceability, data anti-counterfeiting, energy-saving, and environmental protection, and special specifications during the transportation of liquor, the integrated application of "hardware + software + blockchain technology" will provide customers with IoT smart products and provide overall solutions to help enterprises empower enterprises with intelligence, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and improve user experience.

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