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Project Background

Xiamen Luoyaguang Technology Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological innovation enterprise with the application of optics in the field of health as the core. Co-founded by experts and elites from all walks of life who are interested in optical health, such as optics, medicine, biology, and the Internet of Things, it owns Xiamen Luoyaguang Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Ruiputuo Medical Technology Co., Ltd., which develop, produce and sell healthy smart hardware respectively. and medical devices.

Product Description

SLEEPING BEAUTY It will wake you up at the right time every day, while personalizing your "sunshine", or with a little soft or violent music. The matching APP can wake you up in light sleep, thereby improving your sleep quality. Its luminous intensity is strong enough to be used as a device for the treatment of seasonal affective disorder and to help insomniacs improve their sleep patterns.

Services We Provide

Provide customers with product design, mechanical design, minimalist design language, and minimalist structure, and pursue the ultimate perfection.

#Product Design

#Mechanical Design

Project Highlights And Solutions

1. The whole product has very high requirements on the brightness uniformity of the scene, and the machine guarantees that the intensity can be adjusted accurately.

2. In terms of reduction, the customer requires to prevent disassembly, so the front maintenance sheet is directly used as a product, and is fixed in the card and fixed inside the shell. After the cost lamp is fixed, it is decompressed and pressed down.

3. The physical engineering power supply and non-slip silica gel conform to the engineering, and the scrubbing paste is used regularly to smear a beautiful metal texture machine.


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