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Product Info

The Detector water supply pipeline leakage intelligent alarm platform is the world's most advanced active water supply pipeline leakage monitoring and early warning system.  The technology realizes the automatic statistical analysis of the audio vibration information, provides the location query function according to the monitoring point, allows the vibration data query of the current location, displays the historical data and the real-time data as a graph or a chart to meet detailed and accurate statistical/log/report management of real-time and historical data of each monitoring point; Pipeline leakage and leakage point warning can conduct real-time monitoring and analysis of the pipe network, systematically and effectively realize the continuous monitoring of leakage; give an alarm in the first place when a leakage is found and notify the maintenance personnel for inspection and maintenance, which reduces the workload of the relevant personnel and improves the work efficiency.

Solutions & Goal

1.The precise and compact modular design makes it easy to disassemble and repair the replacement parts, and it is easy to replace the wearing parts, which is more cost-effective.

2.Built-in high-sensitivity sensor attached to the pipe wall with high-strength magnet to accurately collect pipe vibration information and judge the pipe leakage point through the comparison with the entire database.

3.Meanwhile, IP68 waterproof grade and high-strength engineering plastics ensure the normal use of the terminal in extreme environments.


LKKER SCM helped the customer carry out iterative design of the previous generation of products, provide appearance and structural design, and strictly follow the technical standards to ensure the implementation of the design according to the analysis results of old product market research provided by the customer. With the natural environment becoming increasingly severe and the per capita natural resources severely scarce, our product closely follows the needs of low-carbon society and contributes to environmental protection, with a view to creating the best social, economic and environmental benefits.

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