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Market Insights:

Project Background:

FlashBot is a three-class medical surgical device for therapeutic device implantation in heart stent surgery, which is designed to semi-automate the surgical process. The project includes two final plans: external and internal.

Innovative Value:

The surgical robot can effectively protect the attending doctor from radiation and effectively protect the attending doctor from hidden radiation dangers.

Innovation Differentiation:

This product is designed as a coronary artery surgery robot with intelligent technology, and the manipulator part is attached to the muscular robotic arm part, which highly abstracts the lines of biological muscles.

Optimize the experience:

The manipulator can meet its coronary artery ductus stent operation across multiple parts of the patient, and the manipulator part contains a variety of movement modes to ensure the safety and stability of intelligent surgical treatment.


  1. The streamlined and dexterous curve of this coronary surgery robotic arm equipment is the core of product modeling, creating an efficient and professional sense of product use, and shaping an intuitive and comfortable product use experience with the large screen design of the console part and the convenient screen operation experience.
  2. The console surface can be separated to operate the trolley for remote control. The product countertop rocker is divided into blocks with color and shape to meet the needs of doctors for convenient and comfortable use.


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