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LKKER SCM is not affected by COVID lockdown restrictions.


Problems encountered by customers in this project:

The current annual number of newborns has reached more than 6 million, and newborns need at least 3 times of breastfeeding and changing diapers every night.

Services provided by LKK:

The ROOME smart light bottle designed by the LKK team can build an exclusive intelligent control model for each user through exclusive patented algorithms and intelligent self-learning capabilities, so as to understand the user's lighting habits in an all-round way and ensure that the user can use it in various scenarios such as leisure, work, and sleep. Smart matching suitable and considerate lighting design.

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#Mechanical Design

LKK design achievements and solutions:

1. It can realize automatic control with higher accuracy, and avoid misjudgment and trouble to users. Through a variety of intelligent sensors and exclusive patented algorithms, the product continuously corrects the user behavior data model during use, so as to achieve accurate judgment and light control, and can truly achieve "zero operation".

2. The product can be used according to user needs, so as to adapt to various scenarios. Users can use the product on the countertop, carry it in their hand, or choose to hang it for use. It can appear in any corner to provide users with a new lighting experience.

Design innovation value provided by LKK:

The "Roome smart light" designed by the LKK team is committed to bringing users the feeling of "natural intelligence", hoping to give the light life, it will constantly understand the user's usage habits, and provide users with the most appropriate lighting experience when needed. At the same time, the design also gives the product more space for imagination. The use methods such as desktop placement, portable and hanging can be freely selected by users, which is full of fun to use.

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