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Project Background:
HOMI is a technology company focusing on human-computer interaction, intelligent control, and deep machine learning in-home living space. This time, Millimeter Technology entrusted LKK Product R&D Department to design this smart home master lamp product, I hope this master lamp will become the fresh blood of the smart lamp market at home and abroad, and enhance its own brand influence and differentiation.

User needs:
The Roome smart Bluetooth audio light designed by HOMI and LKK product research and development team is committed to bringing users the feeling of "natural intelligence", hoping to give life to the light, it will continuously understand the user's usage habits and provide users with the most appropriate lighting experience. Ensure intelligent matching of appropriate and considerate lighting design in various scenarios such as leisure, work, and sleep for users.

Appearance upgrade:
The base of the product is made of anodized aluminum, the top lampshade is made of cloud-white frosted material, and the surface of the cylinder material is treated with piano spray paint. The whole product feels fashionable and high-end.

LKK Service & Solution:

1. Innovative 3D gesture control: wave your hand to turn on/off the light, and move your hand up and down to adjust the brightness of the light
2. Smart Bluetooth speaker: natural integration of music and home, APP control, intelligent wake-up: the light gradually lights up in the first 15 minutes of the set time, awakening the body naturally.

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