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Project Background:

Green Solutions Inc is an American startup who owns the storage and conversion technologies of solar energy into household electrical energy. The old products of Green Solutions Inc is industrial style. Our client wants to re-design the product to provide home atmosphere to make it more popular in families, then they found LKKER SCM.

Highlights and Solutions of Project:

1. LKKER SCM found out the product will be overweight if keep previous the The project management team decided to change the material of the unstressed place in order to reduce the weight without affecting the quality of the product.

2. In the beginning of the mechanical design of hinge, it doesn’t leave enough motion space for opening theproduct’s LKKER SCM adjusted the mechanical design based on the simulating motion trajectory and solve this problem successfully.

3. LKKER SCM redesigned the package of product is not only making the using of package more convenient, and also reducing the cost of package compared to the old one.

Project Information:

Power Cabinet - a new product of Green Solutions Inc. designed by LKKER SCM and been adapted with the major brands of hybrid inverters. Unused solar energy generated during the day can be stored in power cabinet for use in an evening when the family returns home. Electricity bills can be reduced by using energy from the power cabinet instead of using electricity directly. LKKER SCM provided product design, mechanical design, production and project management services, and also reduced the cost of manufacturing and developed the protection level of outdoor using for the second generation product of Green Solutions Inc.


September 2018

LKK LKKER 2018 Xspecies Design Exhibition Kicked Off Beijing International Design Week

On September 20th, the 2018 Beijing International Design Week Design Expo was officially opened at the Beijing Agricultural Exhibition Center, which was co-sponsored by LKK Innovation Group (hereinafter referred to as “LKK”) and LKKER (LKKER) sharing design platform.

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