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LKK Introduction:
LKK has always been product-centric, and its service scope includes research and strategic consulting in the early stage of product development, industrial design, mechanical design, electronics engineering, prototype making, production.

Product Description:
The portable electric iron is LKK self-developed product under LKK subbrand 55°. From design to production, it is independently completed by LKK's R&D department. 

User positioning:
The portable electric iron mainly solves the problems of difficult storage and carrying. It is designed for business people and delicate women. The appearance is in line with consumers' aesthetics. It has the functions of power bank, multi-type ironing, and ultrasonic water mist humidification.

Design Focus:
This portable iron is compact and easy to carry. It can effectively deal with the troubles that most people encounter wrinkles and cannot iron in time when they go out. It solves the pain point of traditional electric irons that are large and inconvenient to carry and store. It is especially friendly to tourists, people who live alone, and students.

Product Analysis:
The product uses a lithium battery as the power source to heat the heating soleplate to the optimal ironing temperature to iron the fabric, supplemented by one-key humidification with ultrasonic water mist to moisten the surface and interior of the fabric, thereby improving the ironing effect and avoiding the trouble of wiring; The battery part is magnetically connected to the fuselage, and the power supply part is separated from the fuselage, which can be used as a power bank alone to charge other electronic devices so that one machine can be used for two purposes, and the added value of the product can be improved.

Our Solution:

1. The design concept of the product is simple aesthetics and extreme portability. This is a product that can cope with the limited storage space of usage scenarios and needs to improve the quality of life. We combine the iron with the power bank and use the internal battery of the power bank to convert heat energy to iron clothes while retaining the function of the power bank so that one machine can be used for two purposes. In addition, the product is equipped with a spray function and a temperature display, which is more convenient and user-friendly. Since the portable electric iron was launched at the end of 2020, the sales volume has been good, and it has steadily gained a part of the market space. In just two months, it has won unanimous praise from channel dealers and won many orders.
2. Compared with products of the same type, there are three heating modes for different fabrics, and one-button spray humidification function, dry and wet ironing, improve ironing effect; light and compact, easy to carry and store, can be ironed anytime, anywhere; rounded shape, ergonomically fits the palm of the hand and is comfortable to use.

3. The traditional electric iron or clothes steamer is connected to the power cord, which restricts the use of the product. Therefore, we put a lithium battery inside the product to get rid of the shackles of the power cord. At the same time, we have integrated the function of the power bank into the product, making more full use of the function of the lithium battery. At the same time, it also satisfies the brand concept of extreme portability.

4. The product is easy to store, easy to carry, and can be used by turning on the switch when traveling and traveling, which greatly improves the ironing efficiency; in addition, the product is compact in shape, and the battery not only heats the bottom plate to achieve ironing function but also acts as a power bank. , so that one machine can be used for two purposes, and the materials used in the products can be saved to the greatest extent, and the materials used in the products are all in line with the RoHS standard, thereby reducing the environmental pollution.


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