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Project Background

The product is aimed to solve a series of pain points such as the purchase, storage, safety, and tracking of rice in families. 

Product Description

Mijianghu smart rice bucket realizes functions such as one-click rice purchase, one-click rice collection, smart rice delivery, and rice source tracking.

Services We Provide

Product development project management, manufacturing feasibility assessment, mechanical design, supplier development and management, mold design and production, product testing and verification, quality management

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Project Highlights and Solutions

Because of the initial design, the opening and closing of Mijianghu's rice bucket lid have a certain discomfort. The intelligent product also has the problem of complex mechanical structure, resulting in high cost of mold production and manufacturing, and the surface effect is difficult to achieve the original design expectation.

Through the mechanical design review, according to the actual mechanical structure and production process of the smart rice bucket, LKK changes the product design structure to make the design ergonomic. LKK also optimizes the product design from the practical point of view of mold production, reduces the manufacturing cost, and makes the product reach the expected goal.



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