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LKKER SCM is not affected by COVID lockdown restrictions.


Problems encountered by customers in this project:
The water quality situation is very complicated, especially in prosperous cities, the water quality, and the kitchen water purification equipment circulates around the world in the family, but they want to be able to drink water for home use, which is very suitable for many styles of home cooking needs, A variety of home appliances will be displayed in the kitchen space, resulting in the requirements of the Space Bureau. In this case, how to meet the needs of the market and users.

Services provided by LKK:
The LKK team, the 55° technology company team (Brand owned by LKK), and the ELKAY team jointly built the smart drinking machine, redefining the target group, redefining water purification household products, optimizing the experience of the water purifier, and reducing its size. It is nearly 1/4 smaller than the existing countertop water purifiers in the market and is more suitable for kitchens.


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