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Project Background:
Li Su is a data-driven technology company. Based on the accumulated skin data over the years, Lisu has developed an AI skincare system to establish a link between skin data and formula data to provide every woman with a more convenient and pleasant daily skincare experience.

User needs:
Users can not only perform efficient skincare but also have fun and learn about skincare tips.

Product Strategy:
The AI Smart Beauty Device uses a round and full shape to run through the whole product, making the product more friendly. The shape of the outer ring wrapping the inner tank means the care and protection of women.

Optimization upgrade:
The change of lines highlights the softness of women. The mirror screen greatly improves the quality of the product. At the same time, the screen with an inclined angle can be used as a makeup mirror when it is not working.

Project Highlight:

1. The product integrates functional modules for detecting skin quality, storing essence, and preparing and extracting essence. The detection head is connected through USB, and the essence is put into the machine in a modular form, which is convenient and simple to operate.

2. The top of the machine can be opened to replace the filter element. The size of the wetted area is designed according to the size of the human palm and the machine. It can meet the extraction of five essences in a limited area. Driven by five motors, it can achieve the effect of automatic proportioning and discharging.

Service We Provide:

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