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Project Background:
As a product with a low market share, and the client as a start-up, LA Baby milk makers are of great significance. Therefore, it is necessary to fully understand the user's usage habits and pay attention to the baby's adaptability to many factors such as water, milk powder, and temperature. At the same time, it is necessary to fully consider the brand and market differentiation of products.

The LA milk brewing machine designed by the LKK team has attracted the attention of major media, and crowdfunding is in the pre-launch stage.

Project Highlight

1. The product design with high brand characteristics is derived from the "L" shape as the main visual shape of the product, which makes it highly connected with the LA brand.
2. The milk outlet of the product can be replaced and cleaned, and the design of the milk powder box on the top. Humanized water tank capacity. As well as the front centralized design of the operation panel, and the remote control of the WeChat terminal. Day and night mode lighting processing, adjustable base design.

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