Joint stiffness and muscle soreness are inevitable after remaining in the same posture for a long time or repeated actions.  Just like sitting for long periods of time can make your back ache, one may get hand cramps after using the mouse for a long time.  Many ergonomic mice on the market are sold with their comfort, but this kind of comfort does not last long. Even if the mouse is perfectly designed, one will inevitably get hand fatigue after a long period of use.  This foldable mouse, called "Sikitime", is the world's first mouse product that offers users two distinct modes of operation and allows users to switch to the air operation mode after folding the mouse according to their needs.

Product Info

The mouse is designed with two modes. One is the desktop mode operation that is no difference from the normal mouse. The other is the handheld mode which allows cursor movement by controlling the rotation and sliding of the wheel after folded the mouse in half. Press the wheel to control the left button on the mouse. It enables one-handed operation.
 In addition to the air operation mode, the designer also designs in an inductive touch wheel, electronic pointer PPT presenter, plug-in mobile hard disk, mobile phone U disk, lithium battery charging and other optional features, making it an ideal product for business travellers.

Solutions & Goal

1. Innovative double-rotor design that allows the two shells to fit as much as possible.
2. Innovative roller design that allows control of cursor movement by sliding up and down and scrolling left and right. The switch is triggered after reaching the upper or lower limit to let the cursor continue to move.
3. Innovative inductive touch roller with spring paddle micro-click mode to provide a more comfortable operating experience.
4. Innovative magnetic Bluetooth transmitter magnetic structure makes it convenient to store the transmitter when carrying.


As the world's first mouse product that provides users with two different modes of operation, the design immediately drew great attention in the market. It has been reported by major networks and platforms that LKKER SCM has successfully developed an innovative design for customers.


September 2018

LKK LKKER 2018 Xspecies Design Exhibition Kicked Off Beijing International Design Week

On September 20th, the 2018 Beijing International Design Week Design Expo was officially opened at the Beijing Agricultural Exhibition Center, which was co-sponsored by LKK Innovation Group (hereinafter referred to as “LKK”) and LKKER (LKKER) sharing design platform.

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