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Project Background

Guoren Hengyu Technology Development (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is a leader in the advanced digital interactive research and development industry in China, a professional service provider of interactive instant entertainment, terminals, etc., and one of the Internet companies with the most types of AR-VR technologies in China. AR augmented reality technology is the development trend of science and technology, and it also represents people's longing for a convenient life in the future.

Services We Provide

The AR glasses designed by the LKK team have created a concise product image and a good user experience for AR products through detailed analysis of ergonomics, creating a professional image of Chinese Hengyu in the AR field!

1. Participate in the industrial design, control the development, design and production process of the entire product, and ensure that the finished product perfectly presents the design concept.

2. Innovative research and development: According to the requirements of product definition and manufacturing process requirement, outline the internal mechanical design to ensure product function realization and process requirements.

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#Electronics Engineering

#Manufacturing Supply Chain Management

Project Highlights And Solutions

1. Create a professional image of the product; The translucent front panel has a sense of mystery. 

2. Appropriate ergonomic details; adjustable headband size, simple shape, no burden on the user, smooth shape, and skin-friendly material, make the user wear comfortably and make the product more integrated.

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