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LKKER SCM is not affected by COVID lockdown restrictions.


Market research:
On the basis of customer needs, the LKK team focuses on product needs and improves product definitions through online user research and emerging trends in the small household appliance industry;

User Insights:
The LKK team carried out follow-up user research work, recorded the daily usage habits of the target population through video, and conducted a comprehensive slice analysis;


Product Strategy:
Define portable wireless design + modular design, the sterilization module in the middle of the product can be used alone to meet the needs of multi-scenario use;


LKK Service And Solution:

1. The final small mung bean multifunctional disinfection box perfectly meets the requirements of contemporary face control in terms of appearance. The appearance is round and delicate, and it is retro and beautiful at home;
2. The dark translucent cover on the top, on the one hand, is convenient for users to observe the status of the disinfection process, and on the other hand, it blocks the damage of ultraviolet rays to the eyes and skin, which ensures the safety of the product. At the same time, the translucent and bright surface treatment effect is great Improve product texture;
3. Portable wireless design + modular design, which can not only meet the disinfection of different attributes of items in separate warehouses, but also meet the needs of product portability, storage, mobile disinfection, etc., and the application scenarios are diversified;

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