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Project Background:
With the continuous improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to spiritual and cultural pursuits. "Fish farming", an amateur and leisure industry, has been sought after by people since ancient times.

User pain points:
Most of the fish tanks on the market are not very convenient to change the water and clean the filter, so we tried to design and develop an ecological fish tank, which does not need to change the water and clean the filter for half a year, but can keep the water in the fish tank clean and healthy.

Appearance upgrade:
The round glass fish tank is beautiful in shape, crystal clear, and translucent, with a full range of viewing angles and magnification effects from different perspectives.

Optimized experience:
Breaking through the traditional fish tank, the filter and the fish tank are integrated into the design, the quality is significantly improved, and the fish can be easily kept without changing the water for a long time, saving your precious time and energy, and preventing the fish from being frightened and injured when the water is changed frequently.

Project Highlight:

1. The internal structure is compact and the customer has strict requirements on the function of the product. It must meet the requirements of heating, waterproof, safe low voltage, 360-degree electrical coupling; it can grow flowers and fish, oxygen supply, uniform lighting, automatic filtering, and low noise. , Simple and easy to operate. After 4 times of board making, various hardware testing and selection, and numerous structural adjustments, all functional requirements are met.
2. Filtration system, conductive system, air outlet system, and heating system are all reduced in material and reinforced, which saves costs and meets mechanical requirements.

3. After scientific testing, a reasonable space layout is obtained. For example, the outer dimensions of the place where the top hydroponic plants are placed, and the height of the water surface, have been tested many times and adjusted according to the actual use.

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