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Under the market environment of Internet companies opening a new era of smart home, DingDong expected to explore further the field of artificial intelligence together with LKKER SCM after the successful launch of the first generation speakers and comprehensively upgrade the smart speakers from appearance design to interactive experience.

LKKER SCM team innovatively delivered the front side of the second generation DingDong intelligent speaker by redefining and integrating the form of experience and interaction logic. The golden ratio of the 12-degree elevation and a soft-light multi-touch screen combine the touch control, gestures and lamp arrays in one, giving the product a more flexible and natural form of interaction.

Solutions & Goal

In such competitive market of intelligent speakers, LKKER SCM team defines DingDong's intelligent speakers more compact, holistic and natural. The graticule fine mesh makes it more home-like and suitable for all kinds of home styles. The natural flowing acoustic space built with the texture of cloth, metal and ore. The golden ratio of the 12-degree intelligent interaction in consideration of the ergonomic design not only satisfies the operability of close touch but also meets the visibility of long-distance LED dot-matrix display screen.


This product is a successful iteration of DingDong's first generation speaker products. The simple and delicate shape as well as the intelligent and friendly interaction form of DingDong's second generation speakers opened up more user market for DingDong smart speakers, making it more capable of meeting modern smart home styles. Meanwhile, DingDong's second generation smart speaker can be customized with wake-up words and knited mesh, which makes it a more vital and playful smart speaker and stand out from similar products.

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