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Project Background:
Compared with instant coffee and capsule coffee, freshly ground coffee has an unparalleled fresh flavor. The cumbersome grinding equipment not only can not meet the needs of portability but also has a very high investment cost.

Innovative value:
Coffee Traveler T2 innovatively compresses a full set of freshly ground coffee equipment such as grinding utensils, hand-brewing pots, and coffee cups into a space the size of a thermos cup. Grind coffee.

The innovative miniaturization of the electric coffee grinding mechanism is integrated with the coffee cup, which improves portability and expands more scenes of freshly ground coffee; the interior adopts a miniaturized conical constant temperature ceramic grinding core solution, which can be used in the slow grinding process. The flavor of the original coffee beans is preserved to the greatest extent.

The highly intensive design also reduces the cost for users to experience freshly ground coffee, allowing more people to enjoy the fun of freshly ground coffee.


By optimizing the design, reducing the cost, improving the user experience, ensuring the quality, and improving the cost-effectiveness of the product have become the target of more users' choice, and the high value and high practicability of the product have improved the bargaining space of the product and brought more profits to the enterprise. space.

Environmentally friendly:
The highly intensive and miniaturized design avoids the waste of materials and fundamentally reduces the impact of the product on the environment; as many products as possible use recyclable stainless steel as the shell in the cup body, strainer and hand-washing pot. Materials, eco-friendliness and durability are guaranteed. In addition, the grinding power of the product comes from a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which is environmentally friendly.


LKK Service & Solution:

1. The two cups of the Coffee Traveler T2 are made of double-layer stainless steel, which makes the product both lightweight and heat-insulating, making it smaller and lighter among similar products.
2. The design shows the hand-washing button on the lid, and connects the hand-washing button with the shape of the drinking water cover with lines to form the main visual feature. The round and full hand-washing button is attached to the capable and streamlined lid as An anchor that attracts the attention of consumers, thereby conveying the professionalism of the product. The tapered family design of the two cup lids and the grinder brings a simple yet personalized visual experience, and the simple and friendly cup body lines together create a sense of fun.

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