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Product Info
Torq-King, a multi-functional fitness equipment combines universal wheel, can be held by hand or attached to the feet. It can rotate backwards and forwards, left and right and by 360 degrees. It can be used for muscle endurance training for all muscle groups and exercise every part of the body, including shoulders, back, arms and chest muscle.

Solutions & Goal
1. The final assembly is divided into four modules. The overall assembly uses a large number of same pieces. The screw-in can easily be done via  and manual operation, which makes the mold making more uniform and simple, the overall assembly quicker and the user's use simpler and more convenient.
2. The feet are safely wrapped and protected using hook and loop fasteners, which are more practical and easy to use.


LKKER SCM carried out the appearance and structural design at the early stage of the product and participated in the production and manufacturing to ensure the consistency with design during productization, the evaluation and modification of the mold, the follow-up and solution of the trial production, the consideration of post-maintenance, and the follow-up of product assembly.

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