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LKKER SCM is not affected by COVID lockdown restrictions.


User Painpoints
The current beauty device operation process is cumbersome, it needs to be used in professional beauty institutions, and it is impossible to do both lamp lighting and sweating at the same time. The appearance is very traditional, and most of them use face shape, which is prone to the uncanny valley effect.

Appearance design:
The appearance design of the product refers to the astronaut helmet in the sci-fi film, and the shape is future sci-fi, which means that after wearing the mask, the skin is like a time machine version to shuttle back to the best state.

Optimized experience:
The eye mask part takes into account that the user will have a sense of fear if he cannot see it, and the vacuum plating process is adopted. The outside cannot see the inside, but the user can see the outside clearly, which not only ensures the integrity and aesthetics of the product appearance but also solves the problem. To meet the needs of users, if there are special needs, the entire eye mask can also be removed.

Project Highlight

1. After the functions of the product are finalized through the communication between LKK and the ACME team, product development and product design are simultaneously carried out to jointly optimize the product weight and air path problems, and finally restore the appearance and effect of the product.
2. All connections on the mask are fixed by magnetic suction, which is convenient to remove and add new essential oils. 

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