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Project Background:
Nowadays, urban youth has become the main force of consumption in the kitchen appliance market. For young people, in addition to their busy work, how to "eat a good meal" is also a big problem

User Pain Points:
A full body of oily smoke, tedious cooking procedures, and tireless cleaning and tidying are definitely not what they want. The kitchen life expected by the new youth should be more attractive, and more quality. If they don't have a convenient and satisfying cooker, they would rather pick up their mobile phones and order takeaways than go to the kitchen to experience the various flavors of firewood, rice, oil, and salt.

Appearance Upgrade:
268 times of spray color correction, accurate color tone, ideal light-blocking, quiet low-saturation color, blending into various home styles naturally without pretense, the champagne gold-plated frame is more tacitly integrated with the metal body, complementing each other.

Optimized Experience:
The fuselage is stamped and formed in one piece, with clear and smooth lines; light gold chrome-plated waistline brushed knobs, and plated trim instrument panel; break the kitchen space, mini size, can be placed anywhere.

Project Highlight: 

1. We try to make eating more fun. A kitchen appliance is no longer a cold machine, it can be our new trigger link, carrying more imagination and fun.
2. It is simple, easy to understand, and easy to operate so that the freshness of the first taste becomes a love that lasts for a long time, and makes the best use of everything.

Service We Provide:

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