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The 55° cooling cup is derived from the personal story of Luo Wei, the founder of LKKER. Jia Wei's daughter was so anxious to drink water that she knocked the boiling water over and burned her tender cheeks and chest in an instant. He looked at the daughter who was crying and crying, but he was helpless and felt deeply guilty.

Product Info

The 55° Cup is the first "quick 'cooling' cup" developed, designed and produced by LKK Design. The boiling water of 100ºC can be cooled down to warm water of about 55ºC that can be drunk directly within 1 minute after poured into the cup and shaken.  The 55° Cup is a high-tech product with a utility model patent. Its core is to achieve warming and cooling through phase-change materials.

Solutions & Goal

1.The product cup plug and the lid are easy to separate when falls due to the material and the ultrasonic structure of the cup cover is not strong enough. We added stainless steel screws for mechanical connection while maintaining the cup lid and cup plug ultrasonic.

2.The cup core cooling material is poorly sealed in the interlayer filler. We have made structural improvements from self-plugging rivet to sunken sealing.


The creative design of 55° Cup has changed our pain point for drinking boiled water. The product became a phenomenal hit immediately and created a miracle of promotion and sales of Chinese domestic brands. It was also the winner of the 2015 German Red Dot Design Award.

The emergence of the 55° Cup changed our stereotype of the cup.  The cup is no longer a solid, water-filled vessel in the traditional concept, but a carrier of warmness and emotion.  It is a apology for the father to the daughter, carrying the father's whispers of love "A Cup to Warm Your Whole Life".

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