September 2018

LKK LKKER 2018 Xspecies Design Exhibitio...

On September 20th, the 2018 Beijing International Design Week Design Expo was officially opened at the Beijing Agricultural Exhibition Center, which was co-sponsored by LKK Innovation Group (hereinafter referred to as “LKK”) and LKKER (LKKER) sharing design platform.

Latest Point November 2018

How to achieve an exhibition with 80 mil...

Latest Point September 2018

The failure of many products is attribut...

What is the product supply chain. Many simply perceive it as logistics , transport , factory  or system.  Now we show you how LKKER SCM makes products.

Company News August 2018

Lkk won 12 iF design awards in 2018

Supplemented by "innovative design capability", LKK became the big winner of 12 iF awards.  It empowers the rise of "Design in China" with the imagination and innovative design of creators.

Case Study July 2018

How to establish long-term steady and he...

As the core task of supplier management, the maintenance of customer relationship brings direct or potential advantages to sourcing enterprises by promoting open exchanges between the two sides and avoiding many potential problems.

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