Design-grounded with emphasis on implementation of innovative products

The R&D Supply Chain is a one-stop integrated service platform integrating product design, R&D, prototype, die sinking, production, packaging and transportation, and channels of e-commerce. It is a platform focusing on the implementation of products and providing product implementation-concentrated supply chain management services.

Product supply chain management services that understand design best

We provide services covering the whole industry chain from product design, R&D, production and supply to marketing, channelling, capital and incubation. Years of experience in supply chain management guarantees the production and implementation of design, our risk control measures ensures products align with precise accuracy to original design.

Feasibility Assessment

Industrial Design

Software/Hardware R&D

Mechanical Design

Prototype Making

Mold Design and Making

Pilot Production

Testing and Certification

Production and Supply

Project Management

Big Data Analysis

Channel Distribution

International Logistics

Supply Chain Finance

We provide full supply chain services


Current business covers six continents: Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Oceania. Such as Japan, Germany, Britain, Canada, the United States, Brazil, Congo, Australia and other countries

smart hardware

smart home

smart wear


intelligent transportation


industrial equipment


cultural derivatives

FMCG packaging

new energy

life aesthetics

The latest supply chain industry news

Why should we attach importance to supply chain? Why do many products fail at the "supply chain"? Be the "kindred spirit" of the product by keeping up-to-date on the news in the supply chain.

The failure of many products is attributed to a lack of knowledge in supply chain

What is the product supply chain. Many simply perceive it as logistics , transport , factory  or system.  Now we show you how LKKER SCM makes products.

How to establish long-term steady and healthy partnership with suppliers

As the core task of supplier management, the maintenance of customer relationship brings direct or potential advantages to sourcing enterprises by promoting open exchanges between the two sides and avoiding many potential problems.

Lkk won 12 iF design awards in 2018

Supplemented by "innovative design capability", LKK became the big winner of 12 iF awards.  It empowers the rise of "Design in China" with the imagination and innovative design of creators.

LKKER joins hand with Baidu to build AI innovation value ecosystem


4061 +

5000 +

1223 +


In the year of working with LKKER, we can feel that this is a team that is constantly innovating and dares to do different things. We deeply participated in the creator model to create products, designed and discussed products with real users, and felt the user's love for the brand and product. We hope to continue to create more amazing products with LKKER.

Assistant to CEO: Tan Lizi

Based on the concept of "starting from the needs of users", Ximalaya launched a collaboration with LKKER to break the traditional closed-end design-to-production model, truly taking the user as the center and fully explore the advantages of the creative model. Let users to participate in the early creative stages of the product and work together to create a sound product.

Vice President: Li Haibo

How can Mao King Radio continue to be competitive in the changing business climate? This is the question we have been thinking about. Mao King efforts to explore and build a radio culture, collaborate with the LKKER platform to create a creator community, recruit design partners globally, and the creator model for user to engage have provided an important impetus for the continued innovation of Mao King products!

Founder: Zeng Dejun


Hardware Factory

Hardware products play an irreplaceable role in a product. Choosing good hardware accessories can make many structural parts safer and more convenient to use.

Molding Factory

Choose a suitable high-quality molding factory, standardized management, thorough process, strong sense of service, guaranteed quality and service. We can guarantee the delivery time for customers, guarantee product quality, enjoy all-round cost advantage and extra services.

Prototyping Factory

Skilled engineers and technicians ensure accurate and consistent drawings, strict control of the whole process, short production cycle, and guaranteed excellent quality of prototype.

Mounting Factory

A quality mounting factory has an experienced process development and production team and an international standardized management system to ensure that the manufactured PCBA products meet excellent quality standards and customer’s plan.

Testing laboratory

Provide customers with high-quality laboratory certification and consulting guidance, providing comprehensive quality testing services and solutions.

Packaging & Printing Plant

professional printing talents with rich experience in printing and packaging, and a complete set of printing equipment to ensure that the printing achieves color precision and effectively improve production efficiency.

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